Big waterfall

Here’s one of those spectacular waterfalls at Yosemite. They probably told us its name, but I can’t remember it. Doesn’t matter anyway, I guess. It doesn’t come when you call it.

Speaking of not coming when you call it, Loyal Pet Number One finally got her summer haircut today. She sure looks skinny.

Busy, busy day. It was wall-to-wall meetings. Didn’t get anything done. The money’s pretty good, though.

We continue to enjoy our visit with Loyal Reader Number Four’s folks. They’re heading out tomorrow morning. Happy trails, Loyal Family! Thanks for coming.

Nothing else to report. So let’s have a little controversy. Could these people be any stupider? My answer: probably, but they’ll get there before their little party is over. Your opinion?

One more thing. Can you see anything wrong with this? I’d buy it!

See you tomorrow.

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