Rest stop

Here’s our tour group making a quick stop in Yosemite. It was hard to take a bad picture there. Of course, I did manage to succeed several times.

The Loyal In-Laws have left the building. As mentioned before, we enjoyed their brief visit. Now it’s just Loyal Reader Number Four and me. And Loyal Pet Number One. And Loyal Pet Number Two. And the Fellas. So I guess it’s just the thirteen of us. Pretty lonesome. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to work on my Sudoku solving program.

I spoke with Loyal Reader Number One this afternoon. Other than their ten cent wings costing forty cents each, they’re having a great time. When I called, they were at the Bass Pro Shop, and they had just been to see a 3-d movie (link warning: dramatic movie soundtrack music).

No new controversy today. After yesterday’s swirling drama, I’m just too tired for more. Maybe tomorrow.

See you then.

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