Here’s Henry Ford’s . . . umm . . . something or other. Photographed in the powerhouse at Fairlane. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Uber Extreme Short Shrift tonight. I’ve been working on my Sudoku program all evening, and there’s just no time left.

The program is going okay – thanks for asking. I’ve gotten it to read and parse the input file, put the numbers into an array, and print out the resulting puzzle. Now all that’s left is solving the thing. That’s the easy part, no?

Loyal Readers One, Two, Three, and Fifteen have only one full day left together in Arizona. Do lots of fun things, Loyal Readers!

Lots to do this weekend: fix the mower, mow the lawn, clean the pond and pool filters, fix the Miata’s broken boot snap, wash the Honda, and get the Sudoku solver working. I think I can do it. Actual results on Monday.

See you then.

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