Bad traffic

Here’s our cruise ship stuck in the heavy Alaska traffic. Those Celebrity guys snuck in ahead of us. Just for a brief moment, though. The rest of the time we were pretty much out on our own. Had a great time.

The Blog is back! Again! We had a great trip. Alaska was beautiful, as noted above. The days were relaxing and enjoyable, the ports were spectacular, and we had fun.

The upside: The weather in all the ports (except Juneau) was perfect – sunny and warm but not hot. It really couldn’t have been nicer. The ship was nice, if slightly smaller than we expected. The service was perfect. No other word will suffice. The food was excellent, and it got better as the days passed. It was fun being there with our friends. We did some things together and other things on our own, which worked out perfectly. We saw a bunch of bald eagles and a bunch of whales. From a decent distance, of course.

The downside: It was cloudy and downright cold during all the sea days. This was a problem because we would have liked to be outside but couldn’t. This was a problem because there really wasn’t much to do on the ship, contrary to our hopes and expectations. So we spent a lot of time in our stateroom. Which was tiny. But nice. Also, we missed our visit to Tracy Arm Fjord, due to an unfortunate malfunction on the ship. Which was never identified with any more clarity. On the positive side, they gave us some money back as compensation.

No other real downsides. We had a great time.

The Loyal Readers were fine in our absence and the house looked great when we got back. No problems.

Let’s end with a disclaimer: this wasn’t us. But it was our cruise line and in our general area. Creepy.

See you tomorrow.

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