Stream stander

Here’s LRN1 standing by a stream. In 2005. Been a while. Part of my famous Camping series.

Well, LRN26 appears to have gotten it right. He correctly surmised that Monday’s temple picture was taken from high atop the Conference Center. I now remember going up there, so I must have taken the picture there. There’s nowhere else I could have taken it from unless I had chartered a helicopter, which I don’t remember doing. So the Conference Center it was.

No post yesterday. It was Massive Meeting Tuesday. I went directly there from work and went pretty much directly to bed when I got home. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers.

Tonight’s Cruise Eve! It’s the night when all the good girls and boys make their packing lists and check them twice, do their remaining laundry, get out their passports, and generally get ready to go. All but the packing. We’re going to get that done early tomorrow morning.

And that means blogging will be exceptionally sporadic for the next ten days. Keep checking in, though, Loyal Readers, as I hope to find free wifi somewhere in Alaska. I might even pay for it on the ship if it turns out to be cheap enough. We’ll just have to see.

We have some tragic news here on the Morrowlife blog. Brace yourselves. The Weinermobile had a small incident. I think this must be the worst thing ever to happen in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin. Possibly the only thing.

Time to make that list. I’m super double excited to go. See you . . . umm . . . soon. With lots of new Great Art!


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