Baikonur fridge

Here are the contents of my refrigerator during one of my trips to Baikonur. Now that’s healthy eating! Not to mention Great Art. You know how all those other artists paint pictures of bananas and apples? Well, I take pictures of Oreos and pudding. And Spam.

The work week is over and now we get busy. We’re scheduled to go to Great America tomorrow. The forecast for foul, cool weather still has us unsure whether we really want to go. Final decision tomorrow morning.

Sunday will be as hectic as they’ve all been lately.

On Monday, we leave for Big Sur! A great time is guaranteed for all parties, or double your camping back. Sadly (for my Loyal Readers), there will be no bloggage. So this is the last post until Monday the 24th. Try to survive without me. And don’t forget to come back.

Of course, Loyal Readers are encouraged to amuse themselves in the comments section while I’m gone.

See you in a week.

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