Philly station

Here’s the basement at the Philadelphia railroad station, down where they keep the tracks. Taken on one of my several trips there when we lived outside of DC.

Okay day. It rained this morning and the traffic was wretched. Got there late, so I made up for it by leaving early. It’s been a nice afternoon at home. I really needed that.

Actually, I really need to spend a week camping. Can’t wait for Monday.

Moe is officially working! I’m transferring all its old files back over to it now. My machine says it will take another 287 hours. I’m hoping that’s an overestimation. By at least a few hours.

Loyal Reader Number Two and I have been watching Zoolander on TV. Very amusing.

I just checked again and it’s down to 80 hours now. I’m hoping it’ll be done by morning.

Checked again. Down to 71 hours.

Okay, I’ll stop checking now (50 hours).

See you tomorrow.

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