Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Twelve communicating. Not so well.

No post yesterday. I was trying to get Curly’s email program changed back to It took hours to figure it out, but I finally got it done by deleting all of its preferences and emails. It strangely was able to remember all of its email accounts, which was really a good thing. I copied all the emails from Entourage and we’re good to go. Very frustrating problem that was, though.

I’m also test-driving iWork. I simply won’t pay Microsoft’s asking price for Office for Mac. Not even the student price.

Juggernaut update – I’m at $2.02. Last time I checked, I believe I was at $2.01. So the juggernaut rolls on. Keep those clicks coming, Loyal Readers!

Little else to report. I’m in the middle of trying to update Moe’s BIOS, which is a risky operation at best. It might kill him outright. On the other hand, it might fix him. On the other hand, it probably won’t change anything. Time will tell.

Drove the convertible home with the top down. It was light for the entire trip, and I didn’t have to roll up the windows. Spring is coming! Or I guess it’s here already.

I’m off to work on Moe. See you tomorrow.

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