Here’s Loyal Reader Number Three with our favorite item from the wedding in Las Vegas the other day – the chocolate fountain. Every home should have one of these. It was a little messy (especially the way I used it), but it produced the results.

LRN3 sure looks nice in a suit, doesn’t he?

Extremely Short Shrift tonight. We got kind of a late start to Home Evening, and then jacuzzified for activity, which always takes a little extra time. Not that we’re complaining – we love to do it.

Fine weekend. Sunday was extremely busy, as usual. Saturday was quite the opposite. Got a couple of non-memorable things done (as reported on Friday’s blog) and spent some time relaxing. Ahhh.

Started working on a little Mac application that will eventually read image files (such as digital photographs), reverse the bits in each pixel, and save. Got the idea from an article on steganography, but that’s not exactly what I’m doing. My idea is just to see what such files will look like (I think they’ll look like noise, but we’ll see – I’ll post some examples after the tool is done) and to actually get some Mac programming experience beyond canned tutorials. It’s been quite an eye-opener. The learning curve is steep, but not nearly as bad as pre-OS X Mac programming was. It’s quite easy to make something pretty.

Chatted with the Loyal Readers about the business during jacuzzification. We’re concentrating on two projects right now. One is Waterlogged and the other is Loyal Reader Number One’s CRM communications enhancement tool. I think it has definite possibilities, so it needs the appropriate level of attention. I think Waterlogged is ready right now for Beta testers, and we’re going to try to get some. It still needs a few features and a lot of CSS magic, but those can come during the beta testing phase. We need to publish some software!

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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