Wedding worker

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Fifteen helping get ready for the wedding the other day. The one in Las Vegas, that is. She didn’t make it to last week’s Manteca wedding.

Wonders of Blogger. Reason is in following paragraphs.

See Loyal Reader Number One’s comment on Thursday’s post. Frank is temporarily dead – his brains got fried. We’re bidding on a new brain on eBay now (so far we’re the high bid at $.01 with about 21 hours to go!) and will probably have him fixed within a few days. In the meantime, Moe’s old brain continues to function. Mostly.

He gave us quite a scare last night, though. I put Frank’s memory stick in him and tried bumping up the memory’s speed, and Moe freaked out. Set the speed back to its nominal, slow value and that cleared up, fortunately. I ended up taking Frank’s memory back out.

Tried installing FreeNAS on Moe. It would think it was going to install and would start to format the disks, but it would fail, leaving the disks unformatted. Messed around with that for quite a while until I gave up and reinstalled Ubuntu Server. I’m assuming FreeNAS didn’t like Moe’s older hardware. Or something.

Anyway. Got Moe back up and running under Ubuntu server on its 40GB drive. Tried formatting and mounting its 100GB and 200GB drives. They seemed to work but be a little flaky, so I rebooted. Got a kernel panic, from which I never recovered. So I went to bed. Very late.

Hence, no post yesterday.

So far today, I’ve gotten Moe back up and running yet again and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the big disks. We’ll get it figured out. Probably about the time we get a replacement CPU and cooler for Moe II and do a motherboardectomy. Then it’s back to FreeNAS. Which I like very much.

Anyway. Last night’s baptism went very well. Then we went to Modesto Junior College for LRN1’s honors recital. Found out the recital wasn’t actually at MJC. Pushed on further south to CSU Stanislaus, where we found the hall. We were there in plenty of time. LRN1 wasn’t as happy with his performance as he would like to be, but it went fine and it was a nice recital. And I like the hall at Stanislaus much more than the one at MJC.

Lots to do today – need to clean the pool filters while it’s nice and sunny, finish setting up Moe and get him put back away in the game room, finish the taxes and get them ready to mail, and probably do a whole bunch of other things I can’t think of right now. Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve are here too, so there’s some mucking about with the granddaughter to do also.

Life’s good. See you on Monday.

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