Here’s a computer I put together on the loft’s coffee table this evening, using a motherboard given to me by my colleague Dick and a bunch of other parts I had stored in a box in the garage, in the electronics closet, and/or lying around. It’s three times faster than Moe, so it’s very likely its motherboard will become Moe’s new heart. It appears that its PS2 keyboard connector isn’t working, but that’s not a problem, since Moe has no keyboard, mouse, or monitor and won’t need one in its new role as a FreeNAS server. Note the Swiss Army power button over there between the keyboard and the motherboard. Nothing but the best at this house!

The monitor there shows an in-progress installation of Ubuntu Server, which worked perfectly. I’ve since installed FreeNAS on it just to get a feel for how to work it. It’s not extremely obvious, but the interface is very nice and the documentation is quite good, considering it was written by people for whom English is not a first language.

Update: With Loyal Reader Number One’s help, we now have Frank running a Samba server, to which Curly is currently connected. Cool. I’m leaving it turned on all night to burn in a little, and tomorrow Frank becomes Moe. Incidentally, LRN1 and I did a little transfer speed comparison between Moe and Frank, and Frank is about 40% faster. That’s significant for a file server.

Normal work day. Normal commute day (on the train). Watched a few TV shows, read about 60 pages in my new book (it’s a management book – details tomorrow, perhaps), listened to nearly four chapters in my current audio book (Three Men In a Boat). Also worked.

It’s late. See you tomorrow.

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