Here’s some of Loyal Reader Number Twelve’s Christmas loot. She’s not too interested in these guys yet.

Spent another day in the garage. We got Loyal Reader Number Three’s brake discs turned, thus eliminating a shudder he was getting when he hit the brakes at high speed. We then tested Loyal Reader Number One’s radiator cap (it was bad and we replaced it) and cooling system (it’s leaking but we can’t figure out from where although we’re pretty sure it’s not going to be easy to fix).

We pulled out his turn signal flasher and went to the auto parts store for a new one. They had something pretty reasonably priced, so we took it home and installed it. It didn’t work. We took it back to the store and got another one. Installed it. It didn’t work either. We got suspicious and called our friendly Ford dealer. It turns out the flasher for a ’93 Taurus is a special-order $70 part. We took the semi-working one apart, fiddled with it for a while, and put it back in the car. It seems to be working now, so we’re waiting for it to fail again before we get too excited about ordering an expensive new one. Our fingers are crossed.

That was pretty much it for today. We jacuzzified again this evening and Loyal Reader Number Four and I started watching a free on-demand movie called Ernest Goes to Jail. It’s every bit as sophisticated and cerebral as you would imagine. I’m enjoying it anyway.

Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen are leaving tomorrow morning. We’ll be very sad to see them go. Their visit has been lots of fun. Loyal Reader Number Six is here until about the Second of January, so at least there’s one visit that isn’t ending right away.

LRN3 brought a bunch of DVDs with him that I’ve been meaning to rip but haven’t gotten around to yet. Now I’m doing it on a panic basis. As usual.

And that’s my day. Have a great weekend, a happy New Year’s Eve, and I’ll see you on New Year’s Day!

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