The True Spirit of Christmas

Here’s a look at the Disney version of the True Spirit of Christmas. That there’s one big tree.

Happy New Year! In spite of the fact that I’m using the Wonders of Blogger today. It was a fine weekend and a great New Year’s day. The Eve was on Sunday, so we didn’t do much except go to church and associated things. We had a nice little family party (I was going to say get-together, but we’re already together, so I guess it should be stay-together, no?) consisting of a few fun games and a bunch of appetizer-type snacks. We toasted the new year with our traditional Martinelli’s and went to bed.

Some neighbors very close to us went pretty extreme with the New Year’s Eve fireworks (link warning: noisy!). They shot numerous really nice ones over about an hour period, I would guess. They weren’t the uber-high-powered ones from commercial fireworks shows, but they were only one tier down. They went up maybe about a hundred feet and produced effects of a proportional size. Other than the very real danger that our house would catch on fire, we thoroughly enjoyed the show. There were also some very loud firecrackers (at least I hope so – they didn’t sound like gunshots to me) coming from an undetermined-but-very-close location. Those Lardville people really know how to party.

I’ve been playing a lot with my new super-cool combination laser pointer and flexible LED flashlight. I got it for four bucks at a Kragen auto parts store. Great Christmas present to myself. It really came in handy over the weekend when we were digging under Loyal Reader Number One’s dashboard. Checking out the link above, I just discovered that the thing’s base is magnetic. Another cool feature! I can stick it to stuff!

Well, the holiday is over. I believe Loyal Reader Number Six is planning to go home on the Second or Third, depending on when a highly-important DVD he ordered arrives. I’ll be sorry to see him go – we’ve enjoyed his visit. I’m sure he’ll also be sorry to go, since Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Twelve are staying behind for a little longer.

Anyway, the holiday is over. Not to worry, though. My next paid holiday is coming right up . . . on May 28th. That’s only six months away. Sigh. Can I retire and start up Gardenville Software yet? Luckily, I at least like the current job, if not the longish commute so much.

Time to go. See you tomorrow. More cute pictures of LRN12 soon, for all you clamoring Loyal Readers.

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