Junk bags

Here’s some Great Art from a few days ago. The boys were driving their RC cars in an under-construction lot late in the afternoon. I had a look in the garage and saw these bags full of junk. I like the colors and hope you do too.

Short post tonight, especially since I used the Wonders of Blogger yesterday (actually, this morning).

Easy rides to work and home today. I think a lot of people are still on vacation this week. No problem as far as I’m concerned except that I’m not one of them. Several of my coworkers were, though. It was like a ghost town around the office, and just about everybody I talked to said they had a real hard time getting up this morning. Me too. As usual during the break, I went to bed way too late and had to get up way to early for my taste.

That’s it today. See you tomorrow.

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