Here’s the beach at Andrew Molera State Park in Big Sur. It was a perfect day. Every day last week was a perfect day. Very perfect.

Stayed home sick today. The gut has been in pretty bad shape since Monday. I think it was worth it – feeling much better tonight.

Therefore, there’s nothing new. Oh, there is the case of Loyal Pet Number Two. She had a partial shed the other day and seems to be having trouble getting the rest of her skin off. Loyal Readers Numbers Two and Four just put her in a pillowcase full of wet newspaper for the night. The snake book says that ought to do the trick. We’ll see.

About last week’s campout. It was fun. We had the same site as last year – good old number 95. It was just as pretty as last year, if just a little bit cooler. Of course we went in mid-March this year versus early April last year. The campground was a little more crowded this year too, with several spring-breakers. They were generally well-behaved, fortunately, and they didn’t offer any competition for the showers, fortunately (although I wouldn’t want to stand downwind from any of them).

And I guess I might as well hit the hay. See you tomorrow.

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