Pig riders

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two, mounted on their mighty steeds. Picture taken on the carousel at Great America, of course.

Short shrift. My Tuesday night meeting went way long. We had some good discussion, but it’s late.

Got up, got ready, commuted, worked, commuted, ate, went to my meeting, met, came home, updated my iPod for tomorrow’s commute, and blogged.

I dropped the Daily Giz Wiz from my podcast rotation. I’ve enjoyed it in the past, but I’ve gotten absolutely sick of Leo Laporte, who can’t leave his nutty political/religious beliefs alone long enough to entertain. Shut up and sing already, Leo. He can’t, so I quit. Too bad. The only TWiT show I listen to anymore is Security Now. I don’t think Steve Gibson shares Leo’s nutty beliefs, so I’m hoping they’ll continue to stick to the podcast’s topic. Otherwise, I can live without them at least as easily as they can live without me.

Oh, I’m also still subscribed to Munchcast. However, it’s only on its twenty-fifth episode and it’s quickly getting tiresome, so I don’t have high hopes for keeping it in the rotation either.

I’m not sure whether Leo has gotten worse or the competition has gotten better, but he’s dropping off my radar. I used to listen to absolutely everything he made. I’ve also dropped nearly every other podcast made by the other former TechTV alumni. Kevin Rose is vulgar and unfunny, so he was dropped very quickly. I’ve enjoyed Patrick Norton in the past and I still subscribe to Systm, featuring Patrick and Dave Randolph, which has morphed from a “hacker” show to a pleasant little do-it-yourself electronics show. That’s pretty much it from the old group I used to enjoy so much.

I’m now listening to Cruise Control Radio, BYU Recent Talks, the Get-It-Done Guy‘s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More, Instapundit, Munchcast, My Trivia Podcast, Car Talk, Pod Rods, Road & Track’s Speed Radio, Science @ NASA, Sean Hannity, and Security Now. Plus a bunch of video podcasts for the train, which I’ll list Real Soon Now. As my Loyal Readers know, I have a long drive/ride and need a lot of content.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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