Here’s a boat in Alaska. Apparently, the owner is hoping for a very high tide. Part of my famous Machinery series.

No post yesterday – got too busy and went to bed fairly early. Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. Fortunately, Anon hasn’t been here lately.

Went to the program’s Christmas luncheon for managers this afternoon. They didn’t plan until a bit too late, so our meal was supposed to go from 3:00 to 4:30. I had to leave at 4:45 to catch my train, and they had just barely served the entree. The food was fine and I enjoyed the company. Didn’t get much done today, though.

I’m thinking of taking a couple more days of vacation next week, giving me the entire week off, resulting in a two-week holiday. I don’t really have anything I need or want to do, but the office is going to be totally dead those days and the more time off the merrier, generally. I plan to decide for sure tomorrow.

LRN1’s been taking his finals this week and he reports that he’s done fairly well. I’m looking forward to having him home again this weekend. Also to having my truck home.

That’s about it for today. Today’s shocking food violence is even more shocking than usual, in that the violence was done to the actual food. Oh, the humanity. Or rather, the foodosity. Or something like that.

See you tomorrow.

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