Here’s the remains of a military barracks building at Fort Seward in Haines, Alaska. I wish I could report this as the outcome of some great military battle. But as I recall, their refrigerator or water heater or something caught on fire and burned the place to the ground, long after the military had abandoned the post. Well, we can always dream.

Made the decision to take the whole week of next week, so tomorrow’s my last work day of the year! Woo hoo! Not that I’m anxious to have 16 days off, of course.

Otherwise pretty normal day. The train was an hour late arriving in Lardville this morning. Apparently, they were passing by a freight train just after they left the station in Stockton when some freight fell off the freight train and landed on our train. They had to stop and sit around and argue about it for a while. Also take pictures. I think there might be an insurance claim against the Union Pacific railroad in the near future. I wonder how much a new locomotive costs.

I have yet another exciting job opportunity for my Loyal Readers: Kung Fu Monkey. I think we can all agree that’s pretty much a dream job.

And we’ll end with some toilet news today: pigs get in the act too. Remind me to stay away from those “special toilets.”

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    Hopefully the materials on the "special toilets" that attract the pigs will keep humans away. Blech.
    Since Anon doesn't seem to be around, I'll say it: Missed Friday's post.

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