Here’s a “before” picture of the pool. Look for “after” tomorrow. Now you have something to live for.

Big news today – we have an official buyer for the Gardenville house! We loved that place and have been discouraged that nobody else seemed to love it too. These folks have made it clear to our agent that this is the house for them, so we’re glad it’s going to them. They were waiting to get their old house under contract. It finally happened for them and they made an immediate offer on our place. We countered, they re-countered, and we accepted. We still have to get it in writing through our relocation company tomorrow, but we believe it’s a done deal. Cool. And we’re not even in the poor house yet! Soon, though. We’re fully committed to Lardville now – there’s no turning back. Not that there was before.

Everything else that happened over the weekend and today pales in importance, especially since there’s a rumor that Thursday’s post was actually written on Sunday afternoon. I’m neither confirming nor denying, of course. The Loyal Reader will have to draw his/her own conclusions.

Anyway, nothing happened over the weekend that my Loyal Readers don’t already know about. So what shall we discuss here?

Let’s see. I rode the train this morning and enjoyed the ride. Slept practically the whole way. A weight-challenged passenger sat next to me and made me a little uncomfortable, but I’m only paying for one seat, so there’s not much I can do about that. But I can still complain. Anyway, the ride was otherwise uneventful. I’m on the way home as these words are being written. No fat people next to me. So far, so good.

My boss was home sick today. I attended her boss’s staff meeting for her. We had one other guy out sick too, and the guy in the cube next to him should have stayed home. We’ve got the plague going on there. I’m avoiding all human contact, just in case.

We’re about to stop in Fremont. Fat person alert!

Later – Somebody sat down next to me, but he wasn’t fat, so he wasn’t a bother. I did put the computer aside for the rest of the ride, though. I read an RV book (not too good so far, but that’s a subject for the HRVA) and listened to my iPod for the rest of the trip.

Done for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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