Big digger


Here’s a big digger. A really big digger. It used to dig for iron. Now it digs for tourists. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken at the Frontier Homestead State Park, and part of my famous Machinery and Vacation series.

I felt like [amazon text=Mike Mulligan&asin=0395169615] while I was exploring that thing. It’s electric, not steam, but the effect was the same.  Fun.

Pretty good couple of days. LRN4, LRN2, and I went to Los Angeles on Monday. Because LRN4 needed some transfusions in the afternoon, we weren’t able to leave there until after 8:00 PM, so it was a little bit longer than a 16-hour day, but it was a good one anyway. LRN4’s white cell count is down to 1.1, which is good. Everything else is looking pretty good blood-wise too. We’re just hanging out until they can finish the second round of chemo (starts next Monday!) and get us into the DLI transplant. We still don’t know when that’ll happen, but it may start in December.

I walked LRN2 all around the City of Hope campus while LRN4 was getting her transfusion. We saw pretty much everything. We were a bit surprised to learned that they have gotten rid of almost all their koi and turtles in the Japanese garden. On one hand, almost all the fish were black, which is a bit less attractive than most koi, so nobody really misses them. On the other hand, the feeding frenzies are now quite subdued. So there’s good and bad. But it’s still pretty in there.

We saw our old neighbor in the Village, which was nice. Unfortunately, his wife hasn’t been released. On a positive note, they hope to be going home in December. So we may not see them when we get back. I hope so, anyway, for their sake.

Not much work progress. I spent some time on the phone with my associate John last night and got a bit more education on writing tests. I hope to put some of it to use Real Soon Now.

Speaking of travel, LRN4 and I are going with Ken and Melanie to Salt Lake City for the weekend. We leave Friday morning and come home Sunday morning. LRN4 and Melanie (why isn’t she a Loyal Reader yet?) have both been feeling like they want to visit their father, who is now 92-ish. Friday is a holiday here in Nevada, so the in-laws both have the day off. We’re looking forward to the trip and the visit with family. I’m hoping LRN4 can handle all the travel.

My new computer (well, it’s actually four months old now and already obsolete) doesn’t have an Ethernet port. I’ve been living with wifi only up until now, but I just bought a [amazon text=Thunderbolt adapter&asin=B008ALA6DW] for it. It got here on Tuesday. I’m not sure I see a whole lot of speed difference, but the hardwired connection is a bit more reliable, I believe. In any case, I love my new adapter.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: Jolly Rancher football injury!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Sandy Says:

    Have a great trip. So happy to hear that Shannon is doing well and go and see her dad!!

  2. Shannon Says:

    We had a great trip to SLC. It was good to see Dad and Nan, and to also spend a little time with Robin and his family. I’m really glad we went. I think it brought Dad some peace of mind about me.

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