Bird attack

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two a couple of years ago being viciously attacked by a small flock of highly-dangerous birds. Shades of Hitchcock. That other guy there was desperately trying to scare those bad boys away, but with little success. Scary situation.

Another night of short shriftness. It’s already 10:00 and I’m doing a little traveling over the extended weekend, so I must rest. Trip description in an upcoming post when I have more time. Friday and Monday posts may not happen – it depends on the availability of an internet connection. You have been warned.

Good commutes in both directions again today – slightly less than par morning and night. I didn’t drive the Miata at all this week – it looked like it might rain every day. It did rain a little early in the week, but the last couple of days turned out quite nice, especially today. Sigh. Next week looks pretty good too, so I might get to do a little open-air motoring then.

Although I’m working an extremely short week next week. As mentioned above, I won’t be returning to work until Tuesday, and I’m taking Thursday and Friday off for a little family camping trip. Bloggage will definitely be non-existent those days. I fear for the mental health and stability of my Loyal Readers under such conditions. When you have two dozen people (well, in reality not all of the Loyal Readers are very loyal, but there are at least a few, anyway) depending on your keen insights and biting wit every weekday, you have Certain Responsibilities. Try to survive, Loyal Readers. I’ll be back.

But not for now. See you either tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday.

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