Concert goers

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two and several strangers at an organ concert. LRN2 played shortly after (or possibly before) this picture was taken.

Quick post tonight – I have to leave for my meeting in 22 minutes.

The commute time finally shortened up a bit today – both ends of the trip were about five minutes under par (defined as 120 minutes), including the stop for gas and a car wash this morning. It’s about time is all I can say – it seems like there’s been a problem every morning for weeks.

Otherwise, situation normal. The house has gotten quiet these past few days. We had been hoping to see Loyal Reader Number Twelve’s first step before she left but, alas, it was not to be. She was really close but not yet ready to risk it. I hope her parents let us know when it happens.

I’ve been listening to more old-time radio shows. As mentioned before, I’m particularly enjoying Nero Wolfe with Sidney Greenstreet. Today I heard a couple of old Blondie shows – they’re almost always fun but the quality of many of the recordings is bad enough that I end up skipping them out of frustration at not being able to understand what anybody is saying. I heard several Jack Benny shows this week too – they’re all pretty good. He wasn’t a caricature of himself back then like he became after the start of the television era. Less corny, more funny. I have several other shows waiting to be heard, and there are hundreds if not thousands more available on the internet. One of the best places to find them is on the Internet Archive. It’s also a good place to find books, although probably not as good as Gutenberg. In fact, it’s a good place to find a lot of cool stuff. Like this. Or this.

Time to go. See you tomorrow.

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