Rock hole

Here’s a big hole in the rock in the waterfall at Clark’s Fork, apparently carved out by the water itself. The interesting thing is that, though water is continuously pouring into this hole, the water level never seems to rise. Where does it go?

We have a new Loyal Reader! Let’s all give our typical hearty welcome to Moriah, Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four. LRN24’s name is officially over there on the right. As soon as we get a picture, you’ll have your own Very Special Morrowlife Day. Wow!

As promised yesterday, let’s talk about the weekend. The big news, of course, is that Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve got moved into their apartment. It’s a really nice little place in Daly City. The setting is green and very pretty, the building is nice, and the area looks quite pleasant. There is an unusually high number of cemeteries in the neighborhood, but they turn out to be pretty good neighbors. Quiet, anyway.

The closest cemetery is interesting – it’s just for Asian people. The gravestones are in Chinese and are unique and pretty. The town is rumored to be foggy and cold all the time. I guess the Loyal Readers will find out for themselves. Let us know, Loyal Readers!

Anyway, we miss the Loyal Readers, but we’re glad to have things back to normal for both families.

The move took longer than expected, so we were late to our friend Danell’s surprise birthday party. We had a nice time anyway, and the Party People were deprived of our company for only about 45 minutes.

Sunday, I substitute taught a Sunday School class. It went fine and turned out to be a more interesting discussion than I had expected. Otherwise, the day was pretty much taken up with meetings and, umm, more meetings. And a couple of meals. Not that that’s a bad thing. It was a quiet, restful day.

And I need to get to sleep already. See you tomorrow.

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