Campground road

Here’s the road through the campground at Clark’s Fork. That was just the prettiest place ever.

Extremely short shrift tonight. I’ll have to report on the weekend tomorrow. Reason: we went to the local corn maze this evening. I stopped there on my way home from work and met the family. We had a really nice time. It was cool and kind of windy, but we wore jackets and were reasonably comfortable.

We went through the haunted house, rode the scarecrow ride (tractor-pulled cars with bleacher seating on them going through the corn, viewing about 86 scarecrows donated by local elementary schools and Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops), walked through the gigantic corn maze (actually, it was one of two gigantic mazes), and watched Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two ride the go-karts. Human-powered go-karts, that is. They had a great time there, but Loyal Reader Number Four and I were happy to just watch.

We also had Moriah with us. She is, strangely enough, not a Loyal Reader. Very serious character flaw, that. Must look into that problem. Anyway, she rode the go-karts too.

We saw the Young Single Adult ward members there, along with our friend (and Loyal Reader Number One’s employer) Bob. I was extremely satisfied to learn that Danny, a young man who was baptized several months back, was there. He’s still active in the church and looked like he was having a great time. His family situation isn’t exactly supportive, so I’m delighted he’s still with us.

Congrats to Loyal Reader Number Three for catching the Coach_Z reference in yesterday’s post. That’s excellent tribal knowledge.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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