Real computer

Here’s a real computer, the way they used to make them. None of this “desktop” or “laptop” stuff. This thing is a “roomtop.” Actually, it’s the guidance computer in one of the early blockhouses at Cape Canaveral. Good stuff. I’m so old school, they tore the school down.

Wonders of Blogger today. No time on Friday night – it rained all day and the trip home on a rainy Friday night took three hours and fifteen minutes. I believe that’s a new record. I certainly heard a lot of podcasts. By the way, I’ve been really enjoying some old Nero Wolfe radio shows. They’re probably from the early ’50s – pretty much the end of the line for radio drama. They’re witty and entertaining, and I even can’t figure out whodunit within the first two minutes sometimes. I’ve also been listening to some Hopalong Cassidy westerns, also from the early ’50s.

Anyway. When I got home, we had our family birthday dinner and party for Loyal Reader Number One. He’ll be seventeen years old tomorrow, but Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve can’t be here then, so we did the party last night. We had a great dinner (chipotle chicken with orange sauce) and a delicious cherry-topped ice cream dessert. LRN1 received some nice gifts too. It was a pleasant evening. But there was no blogging.

That’s right, the move is on for this morning! LRN5 picked up the apartment keys last night and we’re getting them moved in later this morning. I’m really happy it’s worked out, and they’ll be delighted to be living closer to work.

It’s time for breakfast, so I need to go. See you on Monday.

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