Birthday cake

See if you can figure out how old Loyal Reader Number Two is. The first one to guess will win honor, glory, and acclaim.

I drove to work again today, so no work got accomplished during the commute. It turned out to be fortunate because I ended up needing to stay for an hour or so after my go-home time. The bottom line, though, is that today’s post is short. Also, no progress on the HRVA article. It will be really interesting when it gets done, though. I need to learn to work on a deadline, huh?

Our digital video recorder crashed yesterday and lost all its saved programs. Loyal Readers One, Two, and Four took it back to Comcast to get it swapped out today, but had no joy. They’re on backorder. Apparently, everybody’s DVR is dying. We’re hoping they have another one for us within a week or so, but apparently they’re not promising anything. I never thought that thing was working right. It was supposed to record “up to” 160 hours’ worth of programming, but we never got more than 40 hours on it before it reported itself totally full. Feh. Time for a new one.

I must admit that I like iTunes 7.0, in spite of its habit of crashing frequently. The new iPod interface is especially nice. It was hard to find the list of folders to be synchronized to the iPod with the old design. No more. I also like the fact that they split things up in the left-side menubar into easy-to-recognize categories. All in all, a much slicker interface. If it would just stop crashing on me now.

LRN1 pointed me to an interesting application that installs the LAMP suite on your Mac (they call it MAMP). It looks pretty cool. I’m downloading it even as we speak and will try installing it on Curly, even though I’m a converted LAMP afficianado with Larry.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow, with more content from the train.

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