Christmas statue

Here’s another look at that James Monroe statue from last Christmas’s trip to southern Virginia. Cool statue, although it was covered with moss or mold or mildew or something that made old Monroe look pretty bad.

I’m just about out of Great Art for the blog. Need to get out on the weekend and shoot some more. I also need to remember to bring the camera on the train and get some shots of the Patented Beautiful Scenery. It’s so hard to keep up with my insatiable Great Art demand.

Another day of perfect weather. I’m not sure whether any of my Loyal Readers have gotten in the pool today, so there’s no Swimmability Report. The Pool People are scheduled to come over on Friday morning for the official training session. I don’t care much about what they have to say (I’ll listen politely and nod in a grave fashion, of course) but I do want the PDA. We’re all getting tired of walking through the dirt with wet feet to turn things on and off at the panel. We need grass, of course, but it will be a little while before that happens. Besides, we don’t want to walk a bunch of grass clippings into the pool either. The PDA’s the way to go.

I saw an ad for an old Taurus on the company ad website today. It’s a ’93, they say it’s in good shape with new paint (why?), it has a little more than 100,000 miles, the air conditioner doesn’t work (they say it needs something cheap, but if it needed something cheap they would have had it fixed themselves), and they want fifteen hundred dollars for it. I contacted the guy and he told me the car belongs to a retired friend. My experience with retired people says their cars are either absolutely perfect or absolutely horrible. I may have a look and see which this one is. I would rather have a pickup or minivan or something else that can haul lots of stuff as my station car, but this might work. I’m still not sure whether I really need a station car in the first place. It might placate my boss’s occasional raised eyebrows when I have to leave to make my train, but I’m not sure I want to be able to stay later than scheduled. If it’s possible to stay, I’ll be pressured to stay. On the other hand, it’s always good to make the boss happy. Decisions, decisions.

Started looking for rebuild parts for my old Coleman lantern for the HRVA last night. There wasn’t any clear indication on Coleman‘s website that they still carry parts for it, so I asked via email. We’ll shortly see whether they support their old, old stuff or not. If I can get the parts, I’ll get an article written and posted Real Soon Now. Need to finish the Vagabonds writeup first, though.

Too late for many links – enjoy what’s here. See you tomorrow.

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