Birthday presents

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One with a couple of his birthday presents last month. He got two forms of transportation. See if you can pick them out.

I’m including a picture of the car because I’m delighted to report that it’s on the road again! I guessed yesterday that it was the starter motor. After work tonight, I jacked the front end up and got under there and tested the starter motor. It didn’t appear to work. I removed the starter motor (two bolts and a wire – just about the easiest thing to fix on a car these days) and tested it on the bench. It didn’t appear to work. I took it to an auto parts store and had them test it. It didn’t work. I bought a new one (which I had them test as well – I’ve bought way too many electrical auto parts that were DOA), bolted it on, and started the car right up. How odd that my first diagnosis was the correct one. I guess there has to be a first time for everything.

I’m still trying to track down the coolant leak. It’s not too serious, but I want to get it fixed. Scott, one of my coworkers, has promised to lend me his coolant system pressure tester tomorrow. I’ll try to find some time over the weekend to check it out.

My secret clearance was re-approved today. I had gotten it downgraded several years back when I went into purely commercial work. Now that I’m back working on a DoD program, I needed it again. It really didn’t take too long, considering that the government ran out of money for clearances a couple of months ago.

I’ve been talking with Loyal Reader Number Five pretty frequently lately. Loyal Reader Number Four’s cell phone doesn’t work at LRN5’s house, so I have to call LRN5 when I want to talk to LRN4. It’s nice to have the bonus of talking to both of them at least once a day.

No time for more blathering. I really need to get some sleep tonight. See you tomorrow.

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