The day before

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Five on the day before Loyal Reader Number Twelve’s birth. She and Loyal Reader Number Four went for a long walk by the lake to encourage things to move along. It appears to have worked – Mia was born the next day. Isn’t that a pretty town behind her? It looks like a great place to live.

It was rainy today and I stayed at work about an hour late, so that was a double whammy on the trip home. I got here a few minutes after 8:00. Today was the last day the Deseret Industries trailer was supposed to be at the stake center, and we had a nice kitchen table and chairs to get rid of, so I loaded them up in the Suburban and went over there. No trailer. Sigh. I came back home and found a convenient place to get rid of the unwanted furniture. I can’t say exactly where, but I will mention that we are still living in a construction zone and construction zones have dumpsters and our friendly builder offered some time ago to let us residents get rid of a few things when we need to. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

Anyway. After the disposal, I had a look at Loyal Reader Number One’s car. It wouldn’t start on Sunday morning when I tried using it, so I did a little bit of diagnosis tonight. It appears to me that the starter motor is dead, but that’s far from certain. Starter motors are really easy to change, so I might crawl under there tomorrow night and get the old one out and have it tested somewhere. It’s just a question of finding the time to get it done. Don’t know when.

Worked on the website all weekend. Morrowlife is working fine on Larry, and Apache is patched and secured, with nightly updates of its mod_security firewall data files. I don’t think we’re much of a target, being a tiny little website with only fourteen highly-influential readers, but every webmaster should do his best to be secure.

Had much more trouble with the HRVA. I thought I had it set up a couple of times, but the database keeps getting corrupted. It works perfectly on Maybe it’s Larry’s 64-bit software that’s causing the problem – some things just don’t work right with the 64-bit version of Linux (although it works much better than 64-bit Windows). I may have to get Moe fixed up a little bit and get the websites moved over there after all. As of now, the HRVA is still on gardenvillesoftware. Fortunately, I have about six months to get it done.

And that was my day. It’s time to get cleaned up and go to bed. See you tomorrow.

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