The Loyal Pet returns

Here’s a fairly recent picture of the Loyal Pet. Isn’t she cute? Not quite as cute as Loyal Reader Number Twelve, of course. For a while there, I thought we’d be seeing this picture on milk cartons. The terrible story can now be told.

With the family away for a couple of weeks, the LP has to stay home alone for a lot of hours every day. Loyal Reader Number Four and I had decided it would be nicer to let her stay in the backyard than to keep her in her kennel for such a long time. I did several trial runs during the weekend and she was fine back there. She was also fine on Monday, so everything seemed to be good. Well, I got home on Tuesday night and she wasn’t there and there was a suspicious hole under the fence next to the house. Oh, no. I wandered around the neighborhood. No LP. Called the pound. Ditto. I went to bed.

Wednesday dawned and no LP. Depression. Sadly, I went to work and asked LRN4 to inform the boys she was gone. She did. Sadness reigned. I got home on Wednesday evening hoping to see her on the porch. Nope. Went inside the house and checked the backyard just to be sure, and there she was! She had dug her way back under the fence and appeared no worse for the wear. I have no idea where she spent the night, but she’s back!

Guess where she stayed Thursday and today. Hint: not in the backyard.

Happy Veterans’ Day! I worked. The morning traffic was extremely light, which was very nice. It was about normal in the evening, though, which is strange. Where did all those cars come from if they didn’t drive to work this morning? The mystery may never be answered.

The other excitement in the last few days is that our web hosting service went down and stayed down. It was dead all day Wednesday and Thursday and finally came back up today. Vizaweb still hasn’t explained what happened. At this point, though, I don’t care anymore. Since Vizaweb registered my URL in their own name, I went ahead and bought a couple of new ones and am working on rehosting my websites. This is the first one to make the jump – the new name for the Morrowlife blog is Which actually makes more sense. It’s been a lot of work to get it set up and I’m only about halfway there, but it’s more like fun than work anyway.

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet. I’m sitting around the loft watching a few recorded shows, blogging, and configuring computers. Joy.

However, I’ve been watching TV more than blogging and it’s late now, so I’ll quit. I’ll get the HRVA figured out over the weekend. In the meantime, the old URLs still work. See you on Monday.

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