Blacksmith’s bench

Here’s another in my famous workbench series. This one is in the blacksmith’s shop at Greenfield Village.

Very short shrift tonight. Home evening is over (enjoyed it, as usual), I stayed up way too late last night, and I’m sleepy.

Wretched morning commute today – three and a half hours. It was a little under two on the way home, but the damage was done. I’m riding the rails tomorrow.

Otherwise fine day – and fine weekend, for that matter. I finally got some new speakers installed in the Miata on Friday (off Friday, of course), did some pretty serious cleanup work on the pool (it’s not yet healthy, though), and had Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve and the other set of grandparents over on Sunday evening for LRN12’s first birthday party.

Her official birthday was today, though. Happy birthday, Loyal One-year-old! The Loyal Readers had a little tire trouble last night, so it took quite a bit longer than expected for them to get over here, but we had a nice meal and a good time together anyway.

But I’m exhausted, so it’s time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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