The Halloween spirit

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve yet again, enjoying her Halloween dinner. Looks like she’s had a little too much trick-or-treating. Photo once again courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five.

Wonders of Blogger. I just never got to it on Thursday or Friday. Considering the fact that I was home all day Friday, that’s pretty lame. Oh, well.

There wasn’t a lot going on those two days anyway. I drove the Miata to work again on Thursday – beautiful weather coming home, as usual these days. I think this coming week will be nice too, although I’ll probably ride the train at least a couple of times. The Honda’s mileage budget allows me to drive it to work once a week or so as well, so that might happen too.

I bought some new stereo equipment for the Miata on Friday and got the door speakers installed already. They weren’t too difficult to do once I got them figured out. I may have to take them back out again to install a rubber piece between the speakers and the doors, but we’ll see if that’s necessary. The stereo will probably require a custom installation kit. They don’t cost much, but I’m not impressed with the kits I’ve seen so far online. Might have to just bite the bullet and buy the best one of them I can find. The stereo has a CD player and – most importantly – a plug for my iPod. Sweet.

I also tried to install the new radio I got in Detroit for Loyal Reader Number One’s car. It’s a brand-new 1993-ish premium Ford radio that’s never been played but has been in one accident crash (actually, it wasn’t an accident at all). I was able to get the old radio out (after buying the right tool which was fortunately quite cheap), but the plug arrangement of the new(er) one is different. It looks like the existing one can handle only four speakers, while the new(er) one can take up to eight. The original one is back in the car, but I think we can make this one work. I just need to find the pinout for the new(er) radio’s connector and we can get it connected. It would be really nice to find the right connector itself so I could just solder wires, but that may be too much to ask.

Anyway. We just finished re-watching Operation Petticoat on DVD. What a great movie. In fact, it’s been kind of a movie weekend. I saw A Day at the Races yesterday, and we just started Horse Feathers. I like the Marx Brothers – not all the time, but often. Zeppo (link note: I recommend my Loyal Reader consider joinging SPAZ!) just isn’t funny, though, is he?

Time to do other things. See you on Monday.

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