Blue angel

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two practicing for his aerobatics routine with the Blue Angels. I believe he’s one of their youngest members. Part of my famous Machinery series. Fortunately for LRN2, it’s not also part of my famous Statue series.

Things are really feeling like they’re Back to Normal. That’s a good thing, sort of. Christmas is definitely over, which is sad (with the possible exception of the decorations, which make me happy before The Big Day but grow tiresome afterward) because I enjoy the long vacation and being home with the family, but happy because I also enjoy normality and peace.

I guess I just need to work myself into a position where being home with the family is my normal state. Hmmm.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, we have an ongoing post-holiday phenomenon at our house. No matter how hard we look, we always end up missing a few things. We usually find them within a week or so and then have to rummage around in the garage to store the errant objects.

This year, we found Loyal Reader Number One’s stocking (overlooked in his room), our slightly sacrilegious door-hanger-pillow with the snowman nativity (on the pantry door), and the Christmas hand towel (on the oven door).

Which brings up an interesting question: What overlooked Christmas decorations have my Loyal Readers found and how long after Christmas have they found them? Comment, please. Maybe we should have a contest for the latest find – a lost Christmas decoration or something.

Great news! LRN1 reports that his new MacBook has arrived! When I last spoke with him, he had it in his hand. In the shipping carton, that is. It got there just before he had to head for class and then work. The plan was to go back to his dorm room this evening, open the biz, and bask in the warm glow of Apple goodness.

Wish I could be there. He has promised to take plenty of pictures. That ought to help ease my fanboy pain at least a little.

— Update later in the evening —
The computer is out, updates are being installed, LRN1 has a copy of Windows XP Professional to install via Bootcamp, the computer is cool, and everything is once again right with the world.

See you tomorrow.

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