Santa Clara

Here’s another one of those extremely uncomfortable-looking statue pilots flying a two by four with wings. I’m just grateful they’ve now developed more comfortable airline seats. Part of both my famous statue and machinery series.

Great weekend. Loyal Reader Number One went back to Provo this morning. He’s already missed, of course. His flight was on time, his grandfather was there to pick him up, and he only missed his first class this morning. It’s all good. He called me this afternoon to let me know his new computer has already been shipped from Singapore(?) and is now in Alaska. I expect it will be there sometime this week.

Yes, we ordered him a new computer. It’s a 13 inch MacBook that ought to be pretty nice. LRN1 will use it until he leaves on his mission, after which it will revert to me. Take good care of it, LRN1!

LRN1’s old (and I mean old) laptop has finally gone too weird to use. The optical drive won’t read DVDs anymore, the wifi won’t work anymore, and the machine has started generating random errors. We haven’t given up on it – Loyal Reader Number Two has inherited it. He’s nursing it along quite nicely. And using a long ethernet cable. He’ll need to get a USB wifi dongle sometime soon.

I’m back to work. Sigh. We’re just as busy as ever, but it was a good day. I’d rather be sleeping in every morning, but it’s nice to get back into the routine.

Lots of new things happening at church, which will be described in detail next week.

I don’t know what to think of my exercise plan now. Apparently, even though thinking makes you fat (see last Friday’s post), it also makes you thin. I’m starting to wonder about these so-called “experts.”

The weight-gain epidemic does seem to be getting worse, though.

My new 1 terabyte disk and Larry-to-TV cable arrived today. The cable works great – the picture is big and clear. The disk will probably work great, as soon as I move a bunch of files around the network to make room for it.

Time for bed. More weekend news tomorrow. See you then.

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