Pocket chopper

Here’s the do-it-yourself chopper invented by the good folks at Hiller Aircraft. The idea was that it would be parachuted to a downed pilot in a big suitcase-type thing. The pilot would put it together in a matter of five minutes or so without any tools required, and fly it out to safety. It had a range of 50 miles and sounds like a great idea. The military showed interest, but ultimately didn’t buy it. Too bad. Picture taken at the Hiller Aviation Museum. Part of my famous Machinery and Statue series.

Extreme Short Shrift again today. It’s after 10:00 and I need to get to bed.

Didn’t do many of the things on my schedule. It rained, so the Sable and Ranger didn’t get washed. I never left the house other than my two-minute trip to the mailbox, so I also didn’t get the Sable’s oil changed. Need to try to get that done tomorrow. If it’s not nice out, the car washes simply won’t happen. There’s a little more cleaning up and putting things away that needs to happen, and I’m hoping to clean the guns we used at the shooting range a week or so ago. I’d also like to get a tiny bit of work done on the Suburban and the Miata. As I mentioned to Loyal Reader Number Three while he was here, owning more stuff just means you have more things broken at any given time. Sigh.

My snoring exercise program has run into a snag. It turns out thinking makes you fat. I’ll have to try to cut back a little. Either that or try snoring even more. Gotta drop those pounds.

I saw a great list of gadgets to buy. With hard times coming for lots of people, we need to start thinking about survival. These things seem like the bare essentials, don’t they?

And that’s it for the week. Loyal Reader Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve will be by tomorrow. Looking forward to it. See you on back-to-work Monday.

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