Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two trying to get a huge steam locomotive stopped in time. Doesn’t look too promising. Part of my famous Machinery series.

No interest in the math/fuel/engine/Jeep discussion yesterday. I guess my Loyal Readers just aren’t ready for the blog to turn into a scientific automotive journal. Which is a good thing, since I have nothing else to say in that direction. At least not right now. Maybe I’ll try again later. I could always look at the economics of hybrids.

Another pretty day – they all are. Except when we’re canoeing. Then there’s a freak lightning storm. The Loyal Readers had people over to swim today, as they have every Wednesday this summer. The water has been at about 82 degrees for a couple of weeks now. That’s chilly when you first get in, but comfortable a few seconds afterward. They’ve been getting plenty of friends to come over, which is nice.

Speaking of the pool, I need this. It’s not too late to send me one for my birthday.

Nothing else new. We’ll make our decision this evening on the October cruise. I don’t think Loyal Reader Number Four is too hot on the idea, so I don’t think we’ll be going. We’ll know within a couple of hours.

Well, the votes are in. It looks like the bizarre lady singing about how much she loves her bathroom is the winner in the Worst Bathroom Song Ever controversy. Or is she the loser? Dunno. I just hope she was paid well for singing that song, which was an advertisement for a plumbing company. The other one was intended for the employees of a gas station chain.

Today’s controversy: I’ve invented a new diet that I think is really going to take off. I’m calling it the Hungry Man diet. The idea is that you eat a simple, healthy breakfast; a small TV dinner for lunch; and a Hungry Man TV dinner for . . . umm . . . dinner. I haven’t done all the math yet, but I think it will work. I’ll be even more famous than that Jared guy. Maybe even Jenny Craig! The controversial question for my Loyal Readers is this: would you try this diet? Better yet, would you buy my upcoming book on this subject?

See you tomorrow.

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