Here’s Henry Ford’s X8 engine. They say he got it pretty well developed, but ultimately didn’t end up marketing it. It turned out to be easier to get the flathead V8 working right. Good idea. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Well. Some Loyal Readers have been helpfully pointing out typos in yesterday’s post. I can’t find any – you might want to have another look. If you think I misspelled “canoeing,” though, you’re wrong. Check this out.

Man, is the air smoky! I don’t know how far away all those fires are, but we’re certainly smelling them. And breathing them, of course. It looks like Los Angeles around here.

Spoke with Loyal Reader Number Three on the phone this evening. He’s thinking of getting contacts and wanted a little input from me, since I wore them for many years. Good luck with your decision, LRN3!

Loyal Reader Number Twenty-Four mentioned in yesterday’s comments that she wouldn’t follow the Hungry Man diet, but she would “… pick up the book, and flip through a couple pages.” No need for regrets, LRN24, as long as you actually buy the book. Use it for bird cage lining, for all I care.

I’ll have to look in to the calorie situation on that diet one of these fine days. Maybe it would actually work. In the meantime, my day job is secure.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: do you think we should try this here in Lardville? Sounds like a great idea to me.

The Loyal Readers are heading to Southern California Saturday morning for Loyal Reader Number One’s piano performance at the big music conference in Riverside. I can’t go, unfortunately. I’ll have to buy the CD. Or at least download it illegally. Good luck, LRN1!

See you tomorrow.

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