At Fairlane

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two at Fairlane. Great Art indeed.

I guess some Morrowlife controversies are more controversial than others. Yesterday’s secession talk just didn’t generate much talk. I suppose that question must have been settled back in ’65. That’s 1865 for any of you Loyal Readers not quite up on your history. 1965 was a little less exciting.

Anyway. It’s Loyal Reader Departure Eve. They’ll be gone for about three days. I’ll sure miss ’em. Good luck, Loyal Reader Number One! I’m sure they’ll all have a good time. LRN4’s sister is coming up to Riverside from San Diego to visit while they’re that far south.

I’ll be lonesome while they’re gone, but don’t worry about me too much. I’ll have the dog, the snake, and the fish to keep me company. Not to mention the plants. That’s quite a crowd.

No controversy today. My Loyal Readers will just have to stew over the weekend. See you on Monday.

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