Phone pole

Here’s the view out of the train window. Very artsy, no? Reminds me of a photo Ansel Adams would have taken. Of course, Ansel would have thrown it away immediately. That’s where old Ansel and I part company. I publish everything. Taken with the exclusive RAZR-cam.

The Loyal Readers are back! It was a lonesome weekend around here, even though I had my trusty Loyal Pets, at least one of whom just loves to hang around with me. I read a little, worked on an electronics project (only destroyed one LED!), watched a movie (Boeing Boeing, about which more later), watched several episodes of SpongeBob, and . . . umm . . . must have done a few other things. Oh yeah, I got gas in two cars and figured out why the check engine light was on in the Suburban (not good news, but I’m waiting for it to happen again before I get excited about it). Also made and ate my meals. And slept. Et cetera.

Anyway. It’s nice to have them back. Loyal Reader Number One did very well in his performance, which made it a great capstone to his pre-college piano career. Congrats, LRN1!

Boeing Boeing was an interesting movie. It’s a comedy from the sixties, starring Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis(!). Tony Curtis is a guy who has three girlfriends (fiancees, actually) who are stewardesses from different airlines and don’t know about each other – their schedules just happen to work out to put them in Paris on different days every week. They all get new schedules on newer, faster airplanes, and start showing up at the same time. The interesting thing about the movie is that Jerry Lewis is in his post-Dean Martin days, and he’s actually funny. No moronic slapstick – just surprisingly good humor. I had no idea he could be good. Anyway, I don’t necessarily recommend the movie, but it was mildly amusing.

Time for Home Evening. See you tomorrow.

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