Broken Rover

Here’s a position familiar to owners of British vehicles since time immemorial. Even extremely expensive British vehicles. Picture courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One; taken during his recent mine exploration expedition. The guy with the Ford truck had no car problems.

No rain today, for the first time in several days. There’s still a lot of standing water around, as observed from my train window. It’s supposed to be dry through Friday, after which the daily rainstorms resume. Still no complaints – we need all the moisture we can get.

Got the media center program installed on Shemp last night. Its documentation says my machine is fine with the exception of the memory – I have 256 MB and it wants 1 TB. It actually runs (and looks real nice to boot!), but does so VERY slowly. I really need to start looking for some memory for both Shemp and Larry. They won’t really be useful until that happens. Then I can add remote controls. And then some new HDTVs. Then we can start saving money on television!

No toilet news. No links. Maybe tomorrow.

That’s it for today. I’ve been seriously sleep deprived this week and need to do something about it. Such as getting to bed on time.

See you tomorrow.

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