We try to please

Here’s a sign inside the mine Loyal Reader Number One recently visited. They try to please. One of the things that struck me about his latest pictures is the condition of all the wood inside the mines. It looks brand new, yet those mines have presumably been abandoned for quite some time, and the wood was presumably in there for a reasonably long period before that. Nothing seems to wear out. As opposed to the pictures he shared from his Utah mine trips – those places look pretty ramshackle. I wonder what the difference is. Picture courtesy of LRN1.

Beautiful, warm, sunny day. It was a shame to spend essentially all of it indoors. It’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow and Saturday, so there’s hope.

I enjoyed attending the branch’s Elders quorum presidency meeting last night. Like all the other branch meetings, it was conducted entirely in Spanish. The good: I’m still able to comprehend essentially everything without having to translate in my head. The bad: I’m finding myself having to think a little harder than I did as a young man as I speak. Hopefully, sustained practice will help me overcome that.

The weekend’s here, and it promises to be somewhat busy. It’s Stake Conference weekend, so we have temple night on Friday, leadership and adult sessions on Saturday, and the general session on Sunday, which promises to be the sparsest day schedule-wise. I’ll do a bunch of girls camp work Sunday to keep myself busy.

Other weekend activities include a possible visit from Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve. LRN6 wants to work on detailing the Suburban on Saturday, which would be great, although my availability will be limited, so we may have to reschedule. We’d like it if they came anyway, of course.

I also need to have a serious look at the pool and pond filters. Maybe I can get that done on Friday. The filters Will Ever Be With Us.

I checked out the additional mine pictures LRN1 linked to in his comment to yesterday’s post. Excellent photos – thanks for sharing. Highly recommended viewing. Since all these photos are the property of somebody else, I’ll refrain from posting any of them here.

Here’s a revolting development in the media center world. I don’t think the Old Media will ever really get it, do you? Every time it seems like there’s a chance, they do something like this.

Today’s odd news: The Maytag repairman has a problem. I wonder how lonely he’ll feel in a jail cell.

There’s even some toilet news today: It’s getting more expensive every day. The news isn’t all bad, though – the Maytag repairman may be getting a break.

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

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