Dynamite cut

Here’s something that just looks like a bad idea. That’s dynamite. And a pocket knife. Two things you don’t normally want to see together. Picture courtesy of Loyal Reader Number One, who survived the photo opportunity.

Nicer day than expected. I went to work prepared for rain and got mostly-to-partly cloudy. No complaints. The temperatures are back up into the 60s during the day and 40s at night. The hills are mostly green, although not yet as velvety as they’ll be in another month. Springtime is breaking out.

No post on Friday. Even though it was Off Friday, I failed to plan. Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to the temple that evening and then it was bedtime. So no post. I pity your suffering, Loyal Readers.

Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve (I really need to come up with a shortcut for them) were here for the weekend, which was nice. I hope they’re enjoying their visits these days, because I know we are. Anyway, the weather wasn’t conducive to Suburban detailage, so LRN6 did a few odd jobs on his truck and relaxed some.

As did I. I worked for quite a while to get Larry set up as a proper media center. All I lack is a remote control. And a final decision to cut the cable.

I think the thing I’m worried about most is losing the ability to channel surf. But I really doubt any of us will miss it all that much. There is just a ton of free stuff on the internet, including lots of good old shows we definitely like. Think Dick Van Dyke. The Addams Family. McHale’s Navy. Bob Newhart. Bullwinkle. Monk. Psych. And many, many others.

And yes, as Loyal Reader Number One asked in the comments, I did install Miro. It easily links to any Hulu page, which is very cool. I also have MediaPortal, which is pretty neat. Especially for the price.

The big question is whether a remote control will effective navigate Hulu and Miro, which is the source of much of the good stuff. I guess I just need to buy one and verify. Then we cut the cord.

I’m also about ninety percent convinced to cut off the house phone and go with either Vonage (or somebody similar) or that $25/year service I was thinking about before. Or even just our cell phones. That’s a problem, though, since our signal at home is so poor. Anyway, I’m thinking of using the savings to buy text messaging and a data plan for the cell phones. Seems like a good trade to me.

Opinions, Loyal Readers?

Yes, I know – you can’t stay awake with this fascinating monologue going on. Well, let’s liven this thing up a little. Today’s controversy: How do I get in on this deal?

See you tomorrow.

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