Dirty mask

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One doing his Michael Jackson imitation. Except not as weird. Or sick. Or disturbed. Or anything. Look at all the dust on that thing – I wouldn’t want that in my lungs. Photo courtesy of LRN1. I think.

Pretty day out. Plenty of clouds, plenty of sun.

Well, I did it. Ordered a Voip setup from a company called Ooma. The hardware should be here in a week or so, after which I need to activate it, order my phone number transferred to it (if possible, which I believe it is), wait for the transfer for a week or two, and cancel our POTS. I’m excited about it.

Ooma hardware is pretty expensive at 200 bucks through Amazon (retail is $250). The monthly charge is quite reasonable, though: zip. Nada. Zero dollars and zero cents. They want to upsell you their premium service, and they might succeed with me. The standard service includes everything we have now plus voice mail. The premium adds some pretty cool stuff like voice mail sent to you via email and multiple lines. We’ll have to see.

I first tried ordering Vonage. Didn’t work out so well. I was able to place an order via their website, but there was some kind of “processing error” that they couldn’t explain that canceled my order but kept my account. They were unable to redo the order using the existing account name and I was unwilling to start over again, so we agreed to part as friends. I can’t recommend them, though.

Anyway. I’ve already spent the entire amount of the savings. I turned on unlimited text messaging for the family and unlimited data service for my cell phone. I hoped to get data for Loyal Reader Number One too, but the price was high. We’ll have to see if we can figure something out. They sure charge a lot for that stuff. But it’s really cool. I’m more worried than ever about my phone’s short battery life, even with the mega battery. Sigh.

So what else is going on? It’s semi-massive meeting Tuesday. My meetings don’t start until 7:00, so I rode the train and just left the office an hour early, but the last meeting doesn’t start until 9:00, making for a late night. Survival is likely, however.

Loyal Reader Number Two has great, momentous news: his braces were removed yesterday! He looks great and feels the same. Congratulations, LRN2!

No toilet news, no controversy. It’s late.

See you tomorrow.

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