Buckley and Brooke

Liked the sign. Took its picture.

Monk (sound file behind the link – you’ve been warned) was good tonight, as much of it as I could stay awake for. I’ll bet the rest was interesting too.

Also saw Napoleon Dynamite, which Shannon borrowed from a friend today. It was actually amusing, although they tell me you don’t really appreciate it until you see it the second time.

Also saw a goodly portion of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians – the MST3K version. Brilliant. I told a co-worker I was grieving at having recorded over it some time ago and he got me another copy. Thanks a hundred, Charlie!

I planned some business travel this afternoon. From 26 February until 23 March, I’ll be home a total of four days (7 thru 10 March, actually). Yuck! I could technically be home a couple more days in there, but it’s hardly worth flying home from Europe only to turn around and go back two days later. So I’ll stay. After that little jaunt, I’ll be home for a week and then back on travel for three more weeks in April. Busy, busy, busy.

I’ve decided to stop saying I have no time to write anything just before I end up writing 500 words. So, good night.

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