Another lighthouse

Here’s the second in my famous “lighthouse” series. It’s also the last, so far. This one is in Nassau. I like the blues.

Tonight, Mark and I took Andy to dance class and then went to Staples and the library. We needed to pick up a box of paper clips for Shannon’s science lesson tomorrow. We found the paperclips ($1.29 for a box of cute striped clips – great deal) and also picked up TurboTax and new print cartridges for Mark’s K12 computer. So, we went in for a buck-something item and ended up spending just about a hundred bucks. I’ll bet they love us at Staples. Mark also bought Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, which he’s enjoying trying out.

I spent the rest of the evening getting Mark’s printer (HP DeskJet 5550) working with the new cartridge (the black cartridge was fine; the color one said it was full but absolutely refused to print in spite of repeated cleanings and primings – I finally gave up and put in the new one), setting it up to print to my LaserJet 1100, getting his account straightened back out, setting up Outlook, and finally making my computer print to his printer over the network. It all works!

But alas, I’m out of time, so I’m off to bed. Good night.

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