Here’s another shot from our trip to Nassau. Our tour was a waste of time and money and the Ardastra Zoo was a real disappointment and the flamingo show was completely lame (they have actually trained them to walk!), but the birds were pretty, anyway.

The missionaries invited me to help them teach a couple of spanish-speaking guys – Alex and Juan – this evening while I was at Young Men. Alex was baptized two Sundays ago and Juan is pretty serious about joining the church within the next couple of weeks. They’re both really nice guys and I really enjoyed speaking some Spanish again. I mentioned to Shannon at Alex’s baptism that I think he already looks like a member of the church. It’s still true. I’ve been invited to teach the Gospel Principles Sunday School class next Sunday too. Because of the several Spanish-speaking people attending the class, it’s held in both English and Spanish, which ought to be interesting. My experience conducting meetings in both English and Russian with ILS should be helpful there.

The cheesecake was excellent! Maybe the best ever.

Zoinks! It’s already almost 10:00 and I have to drive to Seminary tomorrow. Better get to bed. See you tomorrow.

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