Here’s a picture of Loyal Reader Number Two’s buddy from Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of LRN2. Astute Loyal Readers will note that this individual has been featured in these pages before.

No post again yesterday. We were at the airport picking LRN2 up from his trip to Utah. He was in fine health and spirits, the flight went just fine, he found us without any trouble, and he had fun on his trip. Nothing to complain about there.

The weekend was also pretty uneventful. LRN1 went to Colorado on Sunday for a week-long visit with his old buddy. We miss you LRN1! Have fun, remember who you are, be safe (link warning: a little kid singing a dopey song) and have fun! And maybe recruit a new Loyal Reader while you’re out there.

We went to the Computer History Museum on Saturday. It’s just a few minutes’ drive from the Fortress of Solitude. It was absolutely free and pretty cool. They don’t have much in there yet, but they do have some really cool things, like a rack from ENIAC (subject of a fairly recent Morrowlife Book Club review) the only known part of Colossus in existence (a reel from the paper tape transport mechanism – see the picture in the link), and a whole lot of other early computer industry stuff. They also have a lot of computers that I’ve owned and/or used, including a Speak & Spell. Strangely, they don’t have a Texas Instruments PC, so I’m sorry I threw mine away all those years ago. They do have a Sinclair ZX81, which was the first computer I owned. It came as a kit and, believe me, putting it together was the best part of owning it. But it was a start. All in all, the museum is worth a second visit, which I hope to do before we move into the Secret Undisclosed Location.

Flickr isn’t working for me. I couldn’t post Friday’s picture – the site was in “maintenance” mode – and I can’t get into it today either. I get part of the splash page (without any graphics) and can never get to the login page. Weird.

Oops. It started working again. Never mind.

I have a great idea for the blog. I want to put the comments on the main page, increasing the interactiveness quotient dramatically. I’m not sure whether Blogger will allow that, though, so I’m looking around for other blogging tools. Loyal Readers are invited to submit ideas for accomplishing this Important Upgrade.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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