Dream kitchen

Here’s the kitchen in the model for the Secret Undisclosed Location. That hood over the stove is fascinating – it contains a McDonald’s-like heat lamp. Perfect for those dinners when you get home late from work. Fortunately for me, our house doesn’t have one. I’m not quite sure what Loyal Reader Number One is up to there. Maybe he’s pretending to be a Famous Chef, looking down his nose at all the little Sous Chefs. Maybe he’s just about to sneeze.

Not a lot to report today. Loyal Readers Number Two and Four and I sat in the spa for half an hour or so this evening – quite relaxing. We had it all to ourselves tonight, so it was almost like having our own. I’m looking forward to having another one of our own in a few months, along with a neato pool too.

We’re trying to decide on the Funnest Fourth of July Activity Ever. Loyal Reader Number Four looked on the internet tonight and discovered several attractive options. We’ll probably end up going to the Santa Clara celebration. There’s supposed to be a lot of music, food, and other entertainment. Of course, the fireworks start at about 9:30. It’s close to home, so we can get there pretty quickly and even come and go if we like. It’s free, too. We don’t know about the parking situation, but we can probably work it out.

LRN4 also found a few other interesting places to visit on non-holidays as a side effect of tonight’s research. We might check one or two out sometime during the weekend. We have a meeting with the Pool People on Saturday, but that’s about the extent of our commitments for the five-day weekend (assuming I don’t end up having to go to work on my Off Friday). We’ve decided that we should be taking more advantage of the fact that we have practically no responsibilities for a couple of months, so we hope to go visit a few more cool places in the upcoming days. I’ll try to take some pictures for Morrowlife.

There’s been a very positive response to my idea of adding the comments to the front page. I’m still looking for a way to make it happen. Thanks for your comments, stay tuned, and feel free to send me any ideas for software to do the job, or any other suggestions. I may not implement everything, but I just might.

We’re watching an interesting History Channel show on barbecuing. Right now, we’re looking at the Weber Grill factory. Fascinating. I love the History Channel almost as much as I love the Discovery Channel (Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, and – of course – American Chopper), which I love almost as much as I love HGTV (Design on a Dime and several others). Of course, nothing beats Rocky and Bullwinkle, but they’re pretty hard to find these days.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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