Here’s my sister enjoying some roses in downtown Philadelphia during Memorial Day weekend. It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it? By the way, Sandy, you should really become a Loyal Reader.

I have to admit that I’m out of good blog pictures. There are lots of good ones on my Mac in Gardenville, but my Mac’s not here, so I’ve been relying on what was in my camera when we came out here and whatever I’ve been found the time to snap since we got here, and I’ve pretty much used all the interesting ones. Some readers might suggest that I’ve already gone past that point. I hereby absolutely promise to take some more pictures this weekend and I furthermore absolutely promise that at least some of them will be worth looking at. Really.

Loyal Reader Number Four has pointed out that I failed to mention the cool GE Advantium microwave/speed oven in yesterday’s Dream Kitchen post. So noted. Unlike the goofy heating shelf, we’re getting one of those.

Our loan for the Secret Undisclosed Location got final approval today. Nothing could possibly go wrong now! Of course, we still need to sell Chateau Pathetique, but that will happen. We’re exercising faith, and we encourage all our Loyal Readers to join us, along with a healthy dose of prayer. Please.

I think we’ve decided to go to the Alameda County Fair on Monday. Sounds like fun. Hopefully, it will be. Pictures and a report will be provided in Monday’s Morrowlife. Look for Independence Day ditto on Tuesday.

A quick update on the new job, from the one-month-point prespective. I’m really enjoying it. The challenge is huge, the technology is really cool, the people are friendly and interesting, and it’s great to be doing software again. I’m really glad we came here.

Speaking of work, the layoff notices are supposed to go out in Newtown in the next few days. We’ll never know if I would have been hit, will we? It really doesn’t matter, though. I’m much happier in Sunnyvale. I’ll be interested to see which of my friends are getting the old heave-ho.

Tomorrow’s my off Friday, but I have to be there to chair a meeting in the morning. I’ll try to stick around less than three hours or so. That cuts my five-day weekend down to four and a half days. No problem.

I bought an update to the development system I’ve been using on my gadget. This one has a lot more system interface options and will generate much more professional-looking programs, but is also small and well-defined enough that the learning curve is pretty small. I really like it. The upgrade cost me fifteen bucks. Quite a bargain. I’ve only produced a “Hello, World” program so far, but I hope to come up with something interesting soon. Suggestions from Loyal Readers are more than welcome. What would be a useful/fun/interesting/worthwhile Palm program?

Loyal Reader Number One is keeping in touch during his vacation via Morrowlife comment posts. Check ’em out. Yet another example of the impact of the modern blog. Thanks, LRN1!

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

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