Here are a couple of trees a few steps from the Fortress of Solitude’s front (and only) door, as they appeared this evening at about 8:00. Those ones with the purple flowers are all over the place, and they’re dropping their petals at an alarming rate. They’re everywhere. Loyal Reader Number Four is pretty much constantly sweeping them up from in front of the FOS door.

Worked about three and a half hours today. I went in much later than usual and was home by 12:30. Can’t complain. I even got a thing or two done.

The rest of the day was spent pretty much slacking. We did go to the grocery store this afternoon, and Loyal Readers Number 2 and 4 washed the dog, but that’s about it. We read our books and I checked out an online magazine called Free Software Magazine. It’s pretty interesting – has something for people at all levels of Linux expertise. They have twelve issues out so far. Check it out. Maybe even think about subscribing, although I don’t think I will.

I also read most of the rest of the PocketC Architect manual. That led to a pleasant nap just before dinner. Oh, I also went outside and took a few pictures, one of which is above. Look for some actually interesting ones after the weekend. Or not.

I’m tired, so will head for bed. We’re looking forward to LRN1’s return home tomorrow morning. Travel safely!

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